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Sacred Geometry Vector Illustrations Vol

Move out of your busy mind and into your intuitive body to find answers you didn’t even know you were looking for in this deeply cathartic, heart-opening and empowering practice.

Sacred Geometry Vector Illustrations Vol

Dive deeper into your emotional blocks and clear channels for change in this personalized package combining activating practices with integrative support.

Sacred Geometry Vector Illustrations Vol

Explore imbalance, identify resistance, establish resources, apply insight and restore harmony to your life in this therapeutic process transforming inquiry into action.


They asked her,

“What does loving yourself mean?”

She answered,

“It means to uncover and release whatever keeps you 

from true happiness. To love, honor, and accept every 

single part of you, especially those that are kept in the 

dark. It means to continually observe yourself with the 

utmost honesty and without judgment. Loving yourself 

means striving to reach new heights of self-understanding 

so as to cultivate the wisdom that inner peace requires.”

yung pueblo


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