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Psychedelic Breathwork. Holistic Healing. Integral Therapy.

Thank you for being here.

My work is inspired by my own deep exploration of Self through a combination of Eastern, Western and Indigenous practices. The intuitive knowledge I’ve uncovered in this process compels me to assist others in finding invaluable insights for themselves.

I believe you are your own best healer and that everything you are seeking already exists within you. I simply provide the map, the vehicle and the container to help you return to this part of yourself.

I believe humans are inherently powerful and creative beings. By reconnecting to our inner wisdom and reclaiming responsibility for our experience, we harness the power to unlock our pain, heal our hearts and restore balance to our lives.

The power I speak of is tangible. I invite you to get curious and experience it for yourself. Embark on a journey of Self discovery and open up to the vastness of your potential.

They asked her,

“What is true power?”

She answered,

“True power is living in the realization that you are 

your own healer, hero, and leader. It is when you 

share your truth with compassion and peace. Your 

power grows when you make progress in your own 

freedom and wisdom. The powerful do not harm

themselves or others, instead they use their energy 

to enrich all that they know with love.”

yung pueblo


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